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 An analysis of the romanian blogosphere in 2008, based on RoBloggersSurvey2008 ( in Romanian )
     Carmen Holotescu, Cristian Manafu, 18.01.2009

 An analysis of the romanian blogosphere in 2007, based on RoBloggersSurvey2007 ( in Romanian )
     Carmen Holotescu, Cristian Manafu, 11.05.2007
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 An analysis of the romanian blogosphere in 2006, based on RoBloggers Survey ( in Romanian )
     Carmen Holotescu, Cristian Manafu, 08.20.2006
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 An analysis of the romanian blogosphere ( in Romanian )
     Carmen Holotescu, 07.17.2005
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 Building capacity in e-learning in the Palestinian Territories
     William L. Mitchell, UK01.27.2005
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 SQL e-Learning System
     Dragica Radosav, Serbia and Montenegro12.12.2004

 Evaluation of Learning Objects Quality
     Carmen Holotescu, 11.21.2004

 On RSS and Weblogs  ( in Romanian )
     Carmen Holotescu, 11.7.2004

 An interview with Roberto Maragliano
     Carmine Marinucci & Stefano Epifani, Italy, 09.28.2004

 Creating RSS with RSSApplet ( in Romanian )
     Dora Cabau-Hus, 07.06.2004

 System of Distance Learning based on Internet Technology
     Dragica Radosav, Serbia and Montenegro,  06.06.2004

 Virtual Scientific Collaboration - Social&Technical Challenges
     Claude Whitmyer& Gail Grimes, USA, 05.27.2004

 Developing a Program for Training the eTrainers
     Carmen Holotescu, 05.27.2004

 Using VRML & Java 3D for Web Programming ( in Romanian )
     Marcela Atanasoae & Mihai Ciocarlie, 05.24.2004

 On PHP vulnerability ( in Romanian )
     Daniel Chirita, 05.24.2004

 Timsoft Experience in Building Successful Online Courses
     Carmen Holotescu, 02.10.2004

 Online Courses in Higher Education  ( in Romanian )
     Carmen Holotescu, 05.10.2003

 Top ten tips for implementing e-learning
   Jane Knight, UK, 05.3.2003

 Using Technology in Education ( in Romanian )
     Mihai Jalobeanu, 04.13.2003

 Learning is easier on Internet ( in Romanian )
     Ioana Morovan, 04.10.2003

 On Spam ( in Romanian )
     Mihai Jalobeanu, 12.21.2002

 On Plagiarism ( in Romanian )
     Mihai Jalobeanu, 11.28.2002

 Information Society Technologies Conference (in Romanian)
     Mihai Jalobeanu, 11.03.2002

 Meeting with World Wide Web Inventor ( in Romanian )
     Mihai Jalobeanu, 11.03.2002

 Making sense of e-learning in a confused market
   Jane Knight, UK, 10.15.2002

 Timsoft Activity in eLearning ( in Romanian)
     Carmen Holotescu, 08.06.2002

 Interview with Pamela Witcher - UMUC USA
   Carmen Holotescu, 07.27.2002

 Timsoft in Newspapers ( in Romanian )
     Horatiu Ardelean, 07.16.2002

 Internet Demography ( in Romanian )
     Mihai Jalobeanu, 07.18.2002

 Methodologies in e-Learning - eWorkshop Notes
     Carmen Holotescu & Jane Knight, UK, 06.02.2002

 Let's listen to Students' Voice
     C. Geovana Lopez, Kristy McFarland, USA, 05.24.2002

 Web Search Engines ( in Romanian )
     Dan Pescaru, 05.1.2002

 Authentication in an eLearning Environment
     Dan Pescaru, Carmen Holotescu,04.28.2002

 Internet in Scientific Research ( in Romanian )
     Mihai Jalobeanu, 04.16.2002

 Ufi and learndirect - a new way of learning
     Adrian Beddow, UK, 04.12.2002

 A Fresh Look at Course Management Software
     Gail Grimes& Claude Whitmyer, USA, 04.12.2002

 The Fiability of Internet Information ( in Romanian )
     Mihai Jalobeanu, 03.16.2002

 On eLearning ( in Romanian )
     Carmen Holotescu, 02.23.2002

 Web History ( in Romanian )
     Mihai Jalobeanu, 02.21.2002

 Online Communities - eWorkshop Notes
     Carmen Holotescu & Jane Knight, UK, 01.2.2002

 Interview with Janice Friesen, SUA
     Carmen Holotescu, 11.1.2001

 Interview with Jane Knight, e-Learning Centre, UK
   Carmen Holotescu, 10.1.2001

 Online Communities - UMUC group project
   C.Holotescu, C.De Sabata, C.Ivan, 09.1.2001

The eLearning eJournal articles topics include:

:: Online Learning Environments
:: Case Studies
:: Best Practices
:: eTraining projects, etc.

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