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23.12.2002 - 29.12.2002
Learning Objects: A Primer
Prezentare Learning Objects, cu multe resurse valoroase
16.12.2002 - 22.12.2002
" - Interactive Electronic Publishing R & D News and Resources"
9.12.2002 - 15.12.2002
"K2: the sharing place for Education and Training projects supported by the European Commission under the IST programme"
2.12.2002 - 8.12.2002
International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning
"A refereed electronic journal to advance theory, research and practice in open and distance learning worldwide"
25.11.2002 - 1.12.2002
Public Knowledge Project
Proiecte Web la University of British Columbia Canada
18.11.2002 - 24.11.2002
"Interdisciplines is a website for interdisciplinary research in the humanities. Open online conferences: Art and Cognition and The Future of Web Publishing"
11.11.2002 - 17.11.2002
Learning Times Networks
Resurse, forum discutii, workshop-uri online
4.11.2002 - 10.11.2002
Conferinta eLearning
"eLearning: a challenge for universities. Strategies, methods, perspectives" - Milano, 11-13 noiembrie
28.10.2002 - 3.11.2002
Elearning Course
Curs free cu subiecte saptamanale, pe site-ul lui George Siemens - elearnspace
21.10.2002 - 27.10.2002
Career Space
"Framework for students, education institutions and governments that describes the roles, skills and competencies required by the ICT industry in Europe."
14.10.2002 - 20.10.2002
e-Skills Summit
European e-Skills Summit are loc la Copenhaga intre 16-18 octombrie, se va elabora o Declaratie; prezenta Timsoft
7.10.2002 - 13.10.2002
Making sense of e-learning in a confused market
"Jane Knight of the e-Learning Centre tries to make sense of the current state of e-learning and offers some advice for buyers of the future"
30.09.2002 - 6.10.2002
Curs online de Managementul proiectelor
L&G Business Services si Timsoft organizeaza cursul online "Managementul proiectelor" intre 7-20 octombrie
23.09.2002 - 29.09.2002
"A collective of European universities and publishers today announced the establishment of FIGARO, an academic publishing project that will create a European network of institutions providing e-publishing support to the European academic community."
16.09.2002 - 22.09.2002
The UNIVERSAL Brokerage Platform for Learning Resources
"The UNIVERSAL Brokerage Platform (UBP) is a web-based platform, which supports the creation and sharing of knowledge. It enables collaboration among educators by providing a full range of services to support the exchange of Learning Resources."
9.09.2002 - 15.09.2002
Metaphors for Social Computing
"An exploration of media, communications and applications over the Internet"
2.09.2002 - 8.09.2002
Ten Lessons for ICT and Education in the Developing World
"The skills to productively transform knowledge and information into innovative products and services will define successful knowledge economies."
26.08.2002 - 1.09.2002
e-Learning Centre UK- e-Workshops
e-Learning Centre UK, partenerul Timsoft, a redeschis seria de e-Workshop-uri pe diferite teme eLearning
19.08.2002 - 25.08.2002
Time to start eLearning
"This tool describing eLearning - what it is, how it can be used, how you can get involved - has been developed as a result of a number of pilot projects supported by Scottish Enterprise."
12.08.2002 - 18.08.2002

Specifications and Standards For Learning Materials

Learning Standards - The Masie Center

"Covers interoperability, standards development organizations, learning objects and repositories, sharing, reusability, instructional architectures, and the role of XML"

"Making Sense of Learning Specifications & Standards: A Decision Maker's Guide to their Adoption"

5.08.2002 - 11.08.2002
Focus on VLS
Ferl First - Focus on Virtual Learning Environments - una dintre resursele propuse pentru Conferinta Medii virtuale din Comunitatea eLearning
29.07.2002 - 4.08.2002
Un an si jumatate de eLearning la Timsoft
Timsoft marcheaza prin acest articol un an si jumatate de activitate in eLearning si unul de la deschiderea spatiului virtual al Comunitatii eLearning
22.07.2002 - 28.07.2002
Interview with Pamela Witcher - UMUC USA
La un an de activitate a Comunitatii eLearning, invitatul este Dr.Pamela Witcher, Director Faculty Development Programs, Center for Teaching and Learning, UMUC USA
15.07.2002 - 21.07.2002
Articol despre Timsoft
Articolul a aparut in 16 iulie in Ziarul Financiar si Banateanul; autor Horatiu Ardelean
8.07.2002 - 14.07.2002
TAsk MOdels and DIAgrams for user interface design
International Workshop, Bucuresti, 18-19.07.2002
1.07.2002 - 7.07.2002
e-Learning Centre
by Stephen Downes
Prezentarea facuta de Stephen Downes site-ului e-Learning Centre UK, in The Technology Source, July/August 2002 - seminar online arhivat - s-a vorbit si despre workshop-urile online organizate impreuna cu Timsoft
23.06.2002 - 30.06.2002
Workshop online international "Methodologies in e-Learning"
Workshop organizat de Timsoft si e-Learning Centre UK; peste 90 de participanti, din 5 continente
17.06.2002 - 23.06.2002
European eLearning Directory
A comprehensive guide to the European e-learning vendor marketplace; Timsoft este listat
10.06.2002 - 16.06.2002
e-Learning throught Leadears
"Page with details of thought leaders in e-learning: gurus, practitioners, etc, including some interviews"
3.06.2002 - 9.06.2002
27.05.2002 - 2.06.2002
The 24-Hour Professor
"Online teaching redefines faculty members' schedules, duties, and relationships with students" - cei care au experienta cursurilor online, se regasesc in totalitate in acest articol
20.05.2002 - 26.05.2002
Europe catches up on e-learning
"An e-learning group has been established to work with the European Commission and national governments to help academia and business take advantage of online learning tools"
13.05.2002 - 19.05.2002
ROBO Invaders Game
O realizare deosebita a doi gemeni de 15 ani, elevi in Clasa Online initiata de Mihai Jalobeanu; cunostintele lor sunt fantastice; cu un graunte a contribuit si cursul online de mySQL urmat la Timsoft
6.05.2002 - 12.05.2002
EU policies for the Knowledge Society
"Overview of the European approach to information and communications technology around. Covers the coordinated approach to copyright, privacy, access, government services and interactivity"
29.04.2002 - 5.05.2002
Portal cu resurse foarte bine organizate, comunitate, newsletter zilnic
22.04.2002 - 28.04.2002
EuroWeek 2002
Conferinta Europeana, aflata la a opta editie, a intrunit la Kavala, Grecia, profesori si studenti din 15 tari; Developing an E-Business Application for the Travel Industry - proiect coordonat de Carmen Holotescu si Vasile Ruset
15.04.2002 - 21.04.2002
Conferinta RoeduNet
Intre 18-19 aprilie s-a desfasurat la Cluj, prima Conferinta Internationala RoEduNet; mediul eLearnTS - Timsoft a fost prezentat in doua lucrari
8.04.2002 - 14.04.2002
Gerry McGovern's Content Critical Site
"...focuses on the role of written content on the Internet"
1.04.2002 - 7.04.2002
Forum eLearning
Pe site-ul 1educat s-a deschis un Forum eLearning; este prezentat Seminarul "eLearning - fantezie sau realitate?" organizat de ISE Bucuresti in 22 martie
25.03.2002 - 31.03.2002
Seminar online
in cadrul Internet Fiesta
Timsoft si Societatea Culturala Polygon Cluj au organizat Seminarul online "Cautarea si promovarea informatiilor pe Web", intre 22-26 martie 2002
18.03.2002 - 24.03.2002
Seminar "eLearning - fantezie sau realitate?"
Seminar organizat de ISE Bucuresti in 22 martie; Carmen Holotescu a prezentat mediul eLearn TS
11.03.2002 - 17.03.2002
Internetul in cercetarea stiintifica si in instruirea cercetatorilor
Simpozion - Dezbatere, 13 martie 2002, organizat de INCDTIM Cluj-Napoca
Dintre prezentari:
Nic Nistor - Seminarii virtuale
Carmen Holotescu - Coagularea unei comunitati de practica; Medii Web de instruire
Mihai Jalobeanu - Fiabilitatea si credibilitatea informatiilor din Internet
4.03.2002 - 10.03.2002
The Technology Source e-Journal
Jurnal publicat de Michigan Virtual University - link propus de Mihai Jalobeanu
25.02.2002 - 3.03.2002
Distance Education at a glance
la Educational Pathways - Links
O colectie de 13 ghiduri de la Universitatea Idaho
18.02.2002 - 24.02.2002
Interviu cu Stephen Downes
"... my background, my views on instructional technology and the future of learning, and provide advice for people new to the field"
11.02.2002 - 17.02.2002
Field-tested Learning Assessment Guide
Tehnici de evaluare a cunostintelor, atitudinii, performantelor cursantilor
4.02.2002 - 10.02.2002
Encyclopedia Of Educational Technology
Capitolele Enciclopediei: Cognition and Learning , Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation
28.01.2002 - 3.02.2002
Distance Learning Guidelines
- la Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education UK
"These guidelines offer advice on assuring the quality and academic standards of higher education programmes of study provided through distance learning"
21.01.2001 - 27.01.2002
Is E-Learning Right for Your Organization?
- articol la Learning Circuits
"The five Cs of successful programs are culture, content, capability, cost, and clients"
14.01.2002 - 20.01.2002





Cateva site-uri care organizeaza periodic seminarii in timp-real, folosind tehnologii diferite
7.01.2001 - 13.01.2002
UNESCO ICT for Teacher Training Portal
O colectie de resurse foarte bine organizata - Proiect al guvernului Japoniei
31.12.2001 - 6.01.2002
Faculty Resources for Distance Education la Distance Learning
O culegere de articole, ghiduri, interviuri, linkuri pentru instructori online la
24.12.2001 - 30.12.2001
Virtual Symposium: text-e - Intalnire cu Umberto Eco
text-e este un simpozion virtual dedicat investigarii impactului Web-ului asupra actului de a citi, a scrie. Evenimentul include intalnirea cu Umberto Eco, Roberto Casati si alte personalitati. 15 octombrie 2001 - 15 martie 2002
17.12.2001 - 23.12.2001
Resurse e-comunitati
la Stephen's Web
Un site cu noutati zilnice, cu resurse e-learning, comunitati online, al expertului canadian Stephen Downes - a participat la workshop-ul "Online Communities" organizat de Timsoft si e-Learning Centre UK
Introducere in eLearning
eLearning in Romania
eLearning in Europa
Furnizori de cursuri online
Bloguri/RSS romanesti
Conferinte 2008
Conferinte 2003-2007
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eLiberatica - The Benefits of Open and Free Technologies Conference

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